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Brick-A-Brack for your kayak

Brick-A-Brack for your kayak 

 By Ray Fusco

Over the years I have had many pieces of hardware break, split, tear or rust out.  In the middle of New York Harbor it stinks to have to McGyver a solution for a busted D ring or cleat.  I have on my Kokatat PFD a pocket filled with kayak Brick-A-Brack.  It is not useless, just not often needed ones, BUT when you do you will be glad to have it.  I created this list after a tandem kayak, on a corporate outing, had some major hardware failure with two unsuspecting and novice paddlers on the Hudson.  I had to replace 5 or 6 pieces before the tour was done.  As a rule of thumb we try to bring only the essentials but in my days as a kayak guide in New York Harbor I needed a bomber kit of hardware and Brick-A-Brack in case of emergency.  

Here is my list

Pad eye(2)   K081310-1

Captive Pin D Shackle K147123-1

Clam Cleats (2 - two different sizes)  Good choices are the K002030-1, K002040-1 and the Line-Lok K002600 and K002660

D rings(5 - three different sizes) K191830, 31 & 32

Tension lock(4 - two sizes)

Slip lock(4 - two sizes)

Side release buckels (2)

Velcro for lashing (6 pieces of various size and lenght)

This proved to be a great list for the many creative and quick solutions that needed to be attended to during the course of any given kayak tour.  Some worked on the fly and some took a little more time to administer the best corrective action.  Even if you don't carry these things in your PFD you should have a good list and stash of useful hardware for your next paddling adventure.

Ray Fusco - kayak enthusiast and part time instructor as well as race director for The Mayor's Cup New York City Kayak Championships.

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