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The First SEA-LECT Designs Box Heads Out the Door!


Here it is. Our first SEA-LECT Designs box heading out the door. Not a huge box. Samples to our friend Jim Ramey at Tsunami Sales and  Marketing. But as in all great journeys one must start with that first step. For us this was a significant one. I was giddy with excitement as the box was packed with care and sent down the rollers to the shipping cart and on to the UPS truck.  The rest of our product packaging will be arrivng soon. When that happens we will be introducing our merchandising programs. I look forward to getting you set up with a great selection of SEA-LECT designs products that solve problems, improve performance and add to the bottom line. 

As always if you need a hand with any of your hardware selections please give us a call. We will be more than happy to help.

Happy New Year


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Congratulations! It's like Christmas all over again!

Nice start to getting the name out there! I'm impressed!