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Outdoor Retailer Summer market update - from outdoor retailer, the OIA & the paddle council

We are excited to bring you some updates on Outdoor Retailer 
Summer Market 2010 that will positively impact your business at the show and beyond.  Paddle industry leaders have collaborated on features, programs and events that we’re confident will add excitement and increase the strength of the Paddlesports business community at OR Summer Market.

Here is a progress report on each of the initiatives relevant to the Paddlesports world at OR:

1) LOCATION – Paddlesports Moving forward into 'Elbow' Floor Space

The ‘Paddle-centric’ area of the show has moved significantly forward in the floorplan/layout of the convention into the ‘elbow’ area of the main floor. The entire space layout has not yet been finalized, but expect to see booth numbers and floorplan links in your inbox late April.

2) SPACE COST SAVINGS – Boat Brands Save 40% on Boat Display Space

We have extended a significant discount to boat brands for boat exhibit space at the show, which will amount to an anticipated savings of $200,000 for the Paddlesports manufacturers. Many of the manufacturers are pledging a portion of their savings to spur participation and growth initiatives for the industry as well. 


In conjunction with the Salt Lake City Visitor’s Bureau, we are rolling out savings to all Paddlesports exhibitors with a citywide discount program; a coupon book with 24 discount opportunities. The coupons include discounts on various business services (i.e. shipping) and food/beverage at the Convention Center, as well as travel and alternative hotel discounts in and around the city during the show.

4) TIMING – New Show Dates Aligned to Better Serve the Paddlesports Marketplace

In response to feedback from the entire outdoor industry and the Paddlesports community, we moved the dates of the show to better fit the industry’s needs. It is hard to overstate how difficult short notice date moves are, and it was not an easy task to accomplish; a shout out goes to SLC and the Salt Palace Convention Center for their hard work in helping us achieve this. For the Paddlesports industry, this is the best opportunity to reach the broadest range of Paddlesport buying power - anywhere!

5) DEMO LOCATION –Open Air Demo Relocated to Jordanelle Reservoir 

The State Park at the Jordanelle Reservoir boasts a beautiful, huge beach front for exhibit booths, easy water access and an even closer proximity from downtown SLC.  The overall Paddlesports experience will be better here than ever before!

6) PADDLESPORTS ZONE – Planning is Underway – Make Your Voice Heard

Collecting feedback on how to use the Paddlesports Zone is underway with the Paddle Council - be sure to make your voice heard. 1500 square feet of space has been allocated on the show floor to the Paddlesports industry to use as it sees fit: new product displays, networking, merchandising, Happy Hours, town halls, presentations and more are on the table. Expect an internet-based survey within the next few weeks.  


Storage parking for boat trailers has been bought out by Outdoor Retailer, adjacent to the Salt Palace.

8) FUNDING LEADERSHIP – OR Provides Funding to Paddle Council Programs

OR has provided $30,000 to the Paddle Council as seed-funding (with matching expectations from Paddlesports brands) to spark efforts in growing awareness and participation in Paddlesports.  Much of this year’s funding is targeted to Outdoor Nation, a program run by the Outdoor Foundation (Chris Fanning).  Outdoor Nation will promote youth ambassador programs all over the country with live events! Check them out at


This program is now under development; instead of full scholarships for a few new attendees, we are developing a scholarship program that incentivizes a few hundred dealers to attend (who historically haven’t attended before).  Share your key recommendations with us and the Paddle Council, so this program can really rock your show for 2010!

This recap illustrates nine more reasons for you to participate in Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2010, the single most important show for doing industry business.  Take the opportunity to use the energy being poured into Paddlesports at OR to supercharge your business!

Look forward to one more Paddlesports update before SHOWTIME in August.

Very Truly Yours,

Kenji and the OR Team
Sutton and the Paddle Council
Frank and the OIA Team