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Line-LokĀ® line tensioners

Attached is a product update from our friends at Clamcleat.

Clamcleats Limited has extended its range of Line-Lok® rope holding cleats to 4 sizes to suit ropes from 1mm to 8mm diameter. This has proven to be an immediate success giving positive control of ropes used on hammocks and tarps. Line-Lok® cleats are moulded from high grade nylon and the unique rope holding design makes lines quick and easy to tension. Line-Lok® cleats will not shake loose, even in extreme weather conditions. This helps to keep the tarp from sagging at night or when it rains, outperforming traditional bungees.

When used on hammocks there are no tight knots to undo and the ropes are easy to adjust to the desired tension. The Line-Lok® tensioners have a wide range of uses from small tents to larger canvas structures, garden hammocks and caravan awnings, where correctly tensioned ropes are essential and ease of adjustment is paramount. A standard range of colours, including ‘Glow in the Dark’ is available. For additional information on Line-Lok® cleats and other rope holding products visit Clamcleats Ltd website at

Clamcleat products are available exclusively in the USA from SEA-LECT DESIGNS