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Back from Kanumesse

Kanumesse 2010 marked my return to the place where exactly one year ago David Hadden of Freedom Hawk Kayaks introduced me to Matt Poischbeg (who I nowproudly call my boss). Arriving to display our assortment of products in the booth of our new European Distributor, System X, Nick Mallabar and Matty Nicholas were perfect hosts (conspicuously absent and missed however was Ant Perkins, who recently became a proud father of hi s second child. Congrats Ant!).

Our display of hardware and accessories turned into quite the hit, and dealers continue to see the value of our spinner display as they recognize that our distinct merchandising materials offer a solution to easily sell repair parts and accessories.

It was amusing! Every time I spoke with a retailer, I would explain how all our little bits and pieces are usually hidden behind the register (or in the back of the store in some pile or box that represents a repair area). One-by-one they would look quizzically at me and ask if I had been in their shop. Each agreed their's a nuisance to sell these parts… but there’s definitely a demand. Unanimously, they saw how moving the parts out of the tackle box, and onto the showroom, made complete sense; and they loved the wide variety of parts we carry and the ease of ordering from one sou rce offers. Following our success in the USA and Australia, I left Germany knowing our approach is universally appreciated.

As for Kanumesse as a whole…it’s turned into a truly impressive display. All the major players in the Paddlesports Industry from around the world were represented, and there was a wealth of performance touring kayaks to be found. Every vendor proudly displayed their wares, and the atmosphere was very upbeat. Horst Fursattel and his staff are to be commended for putting on a top shelf show…and if you have a chance, I can attest that early October in 2011 would be a great time to be in Germany!