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A Recap of Kanumesse 2011

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So … I got on the plane with the flu, and I was dreading the possibility of being sick in another country. Miracle of miracles though, when I arrived in Germany 14 hours (and a couple shots of medicine) later, I was feeling pretty darn good.

A little warn down from the voyage; thank goodness I had Matt Poischbeg (President/GM of our manufacturing division) there to lean on … plus a ton of support from Nick Mallabar and Ant Perkins of System X (our European distributor) who set up a wonderful booth for all their vendors to work from. They did their best to make those of us that traveled long distances to be there feel comfortable … and they are truly class acts.

Held in the Bavarian capitol of Nuremberg, the Kanumesse/SUP Expo is THE European paddlesports show - bringing together enthusiasts from around the globe to talk all things “paddlesports” … it’s really THE place to be in September. Filling the large hall were the vast vendor displays; from all the major brands, to the many smaller companies, many of whom were slick and modern in their approach. Attendees from a multitude of countries filled the isles, and if you didn’t speak the same language, you’d resort to the universal language of a smile (in an attempt to do your best in communication). Horst Fursattel (the organizer of the show) and his staff once again did a great job of running the expo, and the wonderful dinner and after-party the second night was memorable. If you went home hungry … it was your own darn fault. There was more than enough tasty food there (and some good German beer) to keep even this boy from Sultan, WA happy!

I’m always impressed with all the beautiful performance touring boats you see in Europe. Like Formula 1 cars, the competition is fierce and ready to do battle. Each manufacturer takes great pride in their boats and pushes the limits of technology and design, not to say there were not a huge number of recreational kayaks, white water boats, canoes, folding boats and skin boat too. You name it … it was there. In addition to the boats, there’s a wide variety of accessories, from all over the world - if you’re looking for unique items that will make your shop stand out, it’s a great place to go.

And while I didn’t get as much of a chance to see Nuremberg as I’d have liked, I know I’m looking forward to being back next year - to the newly renamed Paddle Expo, encompassing both Paddlesports and SUP under one roof.



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Hi Ryan,

Great blog, that definately sums up Kanumesse.

It was a pleasure to meet you and check out the developments for 2012. Sealect producst are still going well instore and the retrival magnet has been at work in the canal outside the shop. Nothing of any value yet though!

Ewart and the A.S Watersports team.