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Happy Holidays from SEA-LECT Designs!

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November 2012 E-Newsletter

Check out our November 2012 E-Newsletter (AOA Expo + Florida Trip, Deception pass Dash Sponsor, Scratch & Dent Sale Continues, Final Push: NFCT Auctions, and more!) at .

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We're a Proud Sponsor of the Deception Pass Dash

SEA-LECT Designs is proud to join the ranks of sponsors to the 7th Annual Deception Pass Dash (on December 9th) - the Northwest’s Premier Winter Paddlesports event!

The Dash started in 2006, the brainchild of evil sadistic paddlers Will Robens and Don Kiesling. Their idea: Challenge racers to sprint 2.5 miles around Deception Island and into the mouth of Deception Pass, before the current gets so strong that they can’t make it all the way to Strawberry Island on the far end of the Pass. The reward for those who pull it off? The satisfaction of knowing they’ve worked that hard to get halfway home! — and a fun ride, this time with the building ebb, all the way back to the finish.

If you’re interested in joining the madness, make sure to Register Online – the price is $49/paddler through December 2nd, and $59/paddler from there until race time.

For information on the Dash, including event and contact information, and previous race results, please visit their website the race webpage at

Good luck to all that try to beat the current!

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October 2012 E-Newsletter (Halloween Edition)

Check out our October 2012 E-Newsletter (Scratch & Dent Sale, AOA Expo + Florida Trip, Beyond the Boat ... Clippage & the Car, NFCT/WWTA Auctions, and more!) at

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Beyond the Boat ... Clippage and the Car

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As you probably know, the pole clips and folding paddle clip we make here at SEA-LECT Designs are popular with the kayak fishing crowd, allowing hands-free storage of your paddle while you reel in that lunker (or guppie as it may be). But in addition to keeping your boat organized, clips can also keep your car essentials in their place.

Pole Storage Clip - 1-1/4" (K491351-1)

In the bed of the truck I mounted a pair of pole clips onto the roof of my camper to store my paddle, helping keep it out of the way, and off of the rest of my paddling gear.

The ideal application for this would be in the inside of a van where you could mount multiple paddles horizontally, or in your garage vertically instead of an unwieldy pile of carbon and fiberglass. Unfortunately for me, my paddle is longer than the bed of my truck, so I had to get creative and mount the clips at an angle.

Folding Paddle Clip - 1-1/2" (K737353-1)

Most people I know keep a Maglite in their car for when they need to fix a flat, jump start their car after leaving the lights on at the take out, or even just for the perfect ambiance when telling a ghost story around a campfire … but it’s always either rolling around on the floorboard, protruding from the seat back slapping against your passengers knees, or stuffed into some crevasse somewhere you forget you even had it with you.

By adding a pair of folding paddle clips (with a 1-1/2” opening in this case ), you can mount anything, onto any surface you can drill a hole into. For my Maglite, I mounted it behind the passenger seat, into the plastic interior of the car using tapping screws.

Now my light is always where it belongs, and I can grab it from the driver’s seat as I exit the vehicle. When not in use, these clips fold up and out of the way!

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September 2012 E-Newsletter

Check out our September 2012 E-Newsletter (OR Dome & Gone, A PADDLEexpo Recap, Beyond the Boat ... Gear Hammock, and more!) at 

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Beyond the Boat ... The Gear Hammock

As a paddler that frequently lives in his truck (sometimes by choice, sometimes not) gear management is the daily battle, especially in the damp climes of the Pacific Northwest keeping your wet paddling gear and dry camp clothes separate are most important. There really is nothing worse than spending 6 hours wet and cold only to get back to your truck to realize you errantly put your dry clothes in a puddle of water in the bed of your truck, making your three hour drive home a soggy affair. A Nylon Gear Hammock from SEA-LECT Designs will help to create dry spaces and wet spaces.

Nylon Gear Hammock (K671100-1)

The advantage of the hammock is it utilizes space above the floor.

When living in the truck or road tripping all your gear occupies the space in the bed, paddling gear, sleeping space, kitchen set up, etc. and typically you’ll have excess space from the top of the truck bed to the roof that isn’t being utilized unless you just stack your gear to the ceiling, but that is hardly usable if you have to dig through piles of stinky capilene and Gore-Tex® to get to your Naked juice Green Machine.

By using the gear hammock you can hang either non-essential items from the cap and free up space in the bed or separate the dry clean items from the wet dirty items. I’ve found they also work well for food storage.

SS Pad Eye (K081850-1) w/ Pop Rivets (K799555BK-1)

As a paddler I like my gear to be small and light, the stainless steel pop rivet mount pad eyes fit that bill.

Now the stainless steel option might be a bit over kill for this particular application, the cap of my truck would collapse before any load broke that pad eye, but I like the finish and there is no reason to add weight to my truck (that little 4 cylinder is already mad at me for filling her with gear and driving over Stevens Pass 40 times this summer).

Beyond the Boat is a product of Jed Hawkes, SEA-LECT Designs Customer Service Rep extraordinaire … look for new additions to the Beyond the Boat series as he outfits his truck (and other paddling outlets) with usefully gadgets to make paddling life easier!

Have an idea on how to use one of our products? Send him a note at

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A PADDLEexpo Recap (German Show Edition)!

Paddlers from around the globe once again descended upon Nuremburg, Germany from September 18-20th to see the latest in canoe, kayak and standup paddling … formerly known as Kanumesse, the event is now called PADDLEexpo. Greeted by warm weather (and even warmer smiles) we were once again happy to share the SEA-LECT Designs brand under the wing of our European distributor, System X (with a special shout out to Nick Mallabar and Ant Perkins for their efforts).


Photos from Outdoor Retailer

We posted photos on Facebook in the album "Outdoor Retailer Salt Lake City - 2012" 

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SEA-LECT Designs at OR (Booth #34087)

SEA-LECT Designs at OR (Booth #34087) w/ New Hatch Line & Footbrace Options! 

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June 2012 E-Newsletter

Check out our June 2012 E-Newsletter (OR Around the Corber, Check out this Review of our Hatch Covers!, Have You Seen Our Ad on The BAck Cover of PSB? and more!) at

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Check out this Review of our Hatch Covers!

Here's a great little review of our hatch covers written by a paddler down in Australia ... you should check it out!

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May 2012 E-Newsletter

Check out our May 2012 E-Newsletter (What's in Your Repair Kit?, Deck Bungee Kit Install Video, A Welcome to Our New CSR - Jed Hawkes and more!) at


Discussion: What Do You Carry in Your Repair Kit?


Here at SEA-LECT Designs, we want to be your Paddlesports Hardware & Repair Solution ... and with the variety of products we offer, we feel the next step in that evolution if to offer a repair kit.


Welcome Jed Hawkes to the SEA-LECT Designs Team!

SEA-LECT Designs would like to extend our warmest welcome to Jed Hawkes, who has joined our team as the new Customer Service Rep.


Now that's using your pad eyes!

Check out how Joe Potoczak from Whitewater Challengers uses our stainless steel pad eyes to attach thigh braces to his sit-on-top kayaks.


April 2012 E-Newsletter

Check out our April 2012 E-Newsletter (Restock your Spinner, We're Hiring, Using our Hatches, NEW Pad Eye, and more!) at


Job Posting: Customer Service Representative

SEA-LECT Designs (along with our parent company Sea-Dog) is seeking a full-time, entry-level customer service representative who’d be willing to join our growing team and evolve with the position.


March 2012 E-Newsletter


Check out our March 2012 E-Newsletter (and learn about freestyle kayak fishing)


Huckin' Loops & Castin' Lures! Freestyle Kayak Fishing is Born!


Here at SEA-LECT Designs we're at the forefront of innovative design ... so we're happy to announce a Canoecopia partnership with Jackson Kayaks to introduce the ultimate freestyle kayak fishing whitewater boat ... we're calling it the Rock Star-Fish!


February 2012 E-Newsletter (The Leap Day Edition)

Check out our February 2012 E-Newsletter by clicking (The Leap Year Edition)!


Have You Seen Our Ad on The Back Cover of PSB?

Once again we're pround to be on the back cover of Paddlesports Business ... comment below and let us know what you think (about this ad, or our product in general). Thanks again!


January 2012 E-Newsletter

Chick to view the January 2012 E-Newsletter from SEA-LECT Designs!


2012 Event Schedule

In 2012 SEA-LECT Designs will be presant at several shows, festivals and road trips - below are just a few of the events we plan to attend this year:


Canoecopia & Jersey Paddler Shows

The goal for today is to purchase our plane tickets for the Rutabaga Canoecopia (Madison, WI - March 9-11, 2012) & Jersey Paddler Paddlesport (Somerset, NJ - March 23-25, 2012) shows!


Check Out Our New 'Partners' Page

Just added a new page to our website ... check out our industry partners!