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Discussion: What Do You Carry in Your Repair Kit?


Here at SEA-LECT Designs, we want to be your Paddlesports Hardware & Repair Solution ... and with the variety of products we offer, we feel the next step in that evolution if to offer a repair kit.

However, this is one of those loaded subjects where everyone has a different opinion on what you "need" to carry. So, give us your thoughts ...

  • What do you carry in your repair kit?
  • What would you never leave the beach without?
  • What SEA-LECT Designs parts should we include?
  • What tools are the most essential?
  • How big should it be?
  • How much would a retail customer spend on such a kit?

We need your help – post your responses in the comments section below. Thank you in advance!

3 comments so far:

Perhaps kayak fishermen have more needs than other paddlers, but here's what I'd use.

Duct tape, bungee, pad eyes (ss and nylon), drain plug, hook-ends, terminal ends, rivets, rivet gun, silicone, super glue, polyethelyne repair epoxy kit, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, rudder cable swedges, round file.

Essential tools:
rivet gun, screwdriver, wrench.

Pack it all in a waterproof Plano box and a small drybag (5-8 Liters).

Retail for a complete kit like this: $70 (depending on amount of items)

Paddling fiberglass touring boats with rudders we carry the following in a watertight plastic box.
Resin - vinylester in our case
Wet & Dry Sandpapaer
Fiberglass cloth and tape
2 part marine epoxy such as Marinetex
Repair kit for drybag repair
Spare rudder cable with swages
Adjustable wrench
Screwdriver with multiple bits
Assortment of stainless machine screws, washers and appropriate nuts, to fit all fasteners on our boats. Long ago we removed all pop-rivets and replaced them with stainless fasteners.
Spare deck bungee fitting
Spare rudder cable to rudder pedal connection
Cold Chisel
Small tube of silicone sealant

Swage Tool for cable
Duct Tape
Wire Ties

Besides some duct tape and cables ties, I don't carry a repair kit. But I should. Given that I think the repair process is different for plastic versus composite (and not sure where those thermoformed kayaks fit), seems like you'd need 2 different kits.

What I would like is a small bag that off the shelf contains the basics I would need to repair a hole in a kayak that will at least allow me to get home (could need to hold for a few days, if the repair was done on a trip). Whatever pieces are needed, plus basic instructions. All in a waterproof bag (like a heavy duty ziplock or screw top container)

Price for this should be not too expensive - say $19.99 or $29.99.