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Check Out Our New Webpage!







While it may have been a long and arduous journey (and sometime exhausting too), but we’re happy to announce that we’ve launched a new and improved SEA-LECT Designs webpage!

What does our new webpage mean for you?
• Items are easy to find with a new search function
• Print and video installation instructions housed online
• Media Center where you can download catalogs and see events
• And as always … give us a call to get your access password, and then visit our Dealer Resources page to get price lists, photos, and more!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have links to products on our old webpage, chances are these links will need to be updated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding!

Like all new things, there are sure to be some bugs (I’m looking right at you Apple) … so if you notice anything amiss, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

Thanks again ... and happy surfing!

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