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Pop-Rivets and Zig-Zag Cleats

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It has recently come to our attention here at SEA-LECT Designs that while installing the zig-zag cleats with a pop rivet the head of the tool is too wide to fit between the posts of the cleat preventing the tool from properly resisting the head of the rivet.  Have no fear we have come up with a solution to this little issue.

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DIY Paddle Storage for the Discerning Kayaker

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Beyond the Boat: Where's Your Whistle?

In all outdoor sports the importance of being able to communicate effectively in an emergency could mean the difference between an uncomfortable moment and a night in the woods.  Whether you’re getting the attention of your paddling/fishing/skiing partner or emergency personnel like the coast guard/ski patrol/search and rescue, the ability of a whistle to audibly draw attention to yourself is going to be far greater than your vocal cords.

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