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Pop-Rivets and Zig-Zag Cleats

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It has recently come to our attention here at SEA-LECT Designs that while installing the zig-zag cleats with a pop rivet the head of the tool is too wide to fit between the posts of the cleat preventing the tool from properly resisting the head of the rivet.  Have no fear we have come up with a solution to this little issue.

Step 1) Instead of putting the head of the rivet flat against the base of the cleat, place a #10 bonded washer under the head which helps raise the shank of the rivet enough that the tool can grip it.














Step 2) Add as many as is necessary washers over the shank to provide a surface the face of the rivet tool can resist against to create compression in the rivet.  Try and use a washer that has a hole that is a similar diameter of the shank of the rivet, that way the washers don't get out of alignment.  

I have used a couple washers as well as the mounting hole of a pop-rivet pad eye.  Really you can anything that gives it the correct amount of elevation but is solid enough to create resistance.














Be sure that you push hard against the head to prevent the wings of the rivet from working there way out from under the washer. If there is too much gap between the various parts it's possible for the wing to form on the wrong side of the mounting surface.











If you have any questions regarding this feel free to e-mail or call me at or 425-252-2149.  Thanks and happy paddling.

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Thanks for this tip. I just started installing the kit today and this issue came up.

Has anyone found a rivet gun that will fit between the posts?

Thank you!

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