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Missing Pieces in the Paddle and Pole Keeper Kit (K671400-1)

Dear Vendors/, it has come to our attention that in the spring of this year several of the Paddle and Pole Keeper Kits were assembled without all the components required. The kits are missing 2 of 4 of the Bungee Terminal End with Sleeves in the sealed bag that is inside the kit's clamshell packaging.

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Grand Canyon: Repair Supplies

Tools are important, but like dancing it takes two to Tango. You will need to supplement your tools with repair supplies.  When I say supplies I’m talking glues, spare parts, tape (lots of it) and more. Below is a picture of some of the items I will be bringing with explanations of their usage or importance. So let’s dive right in.

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Grand Canyon: Tools

When doing any type of multi-day trip in a wilderness setting bringing appropriate repair tools for the activity is important.  Whether you are doing a long weekend of backpacking, a week long self-support kayak trip, or a month long rafting expedition down The Grand Canyon; you need to be ready to repair your craft or other essential equipment.  Repairs can do anything from make an essential piece of equipment functional again to a non-essential item comfortable.  A punctured raft means that you won’t be going anywhere but a cracked backpack buckle can mean not being able to comfortably wear your bag.

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The Grand Canyon and being (P)repaired

The Grand Canyon.  The Big Ditch.  The Hopi called it Ongtupqa.  The Spanish called it the Gran Cañón.  But to rivers runners around the world we reach for words that do not adequately describe this place.  The name itself gives feelings that the first person to name it such settled on “The Grand Canyon” for lack of a more descriptive and evocative name. 

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