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Missing Pieces in the Paddle and Pole Keeper Kit (K671400-1)

Dear Vendors/, it has come to our attention that in the spring of this year several of the Paddle and Pole Keeper Kits were assembled without all the components required. The kits are missing 2 of 4 of the Bungee Terminal End with Sleeves in the sealed bag that is inside the kit's clamshell packaging.



Your kit should include the following:

Bungee terminal end with sleeve (4)

One Hole lashing hooks (2)

1/4" X 18" poly pro shock cord (2)

Tri-fold pop rivets (6)

#10-32 x 3/4" pan head bolt EA (6)

#10-32 nyloc nut (6)

#10 flat washer (6)

Installation instructions (1)

You can check the contents of the package without damaging it by just pulling open the tabs on the clamshell.  If any of the kits you have in stock/bought are missing any of the elements please e-mail with what you're missing, where you bought it from (if your an end user) and your mailing address and we will get you anything that is missing. 

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