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Hardware Kit for 2016

For 2016 we developed a series of hardware kits so that when a consumer leaves your store they have everything they will need to successfully install the item on to their kayak regardless of where on the boat they have to mount it.

The kits include:
Fasteners: Stainless steel nyloc nut, washer and bolt, well nuts
Installation instructions: installation instructions provide guide for which drill bits, wrench and other tools you will need for the installation.
Image on the front to help the customer and in some cases the sales person to best know what the intended use of the item is.

Why did we include well and nyloc nuts you might ask? Not all installations are created equal, and in many situations you might be able to gain access to the backside fo the mounting surface via a hatch or the cock pit. In these situations the Nyloc nut won’t work so we have included the well nuts so you mount in these situations. We also chose the well nut over the pop rivet so the installer doesn’t need to have specialty tools such as a pop rivet gun.

The kits become a one stop shop that helps your customer feel confident that when they get home they have all the parts and information necessary to successfully complete the installation.

For a full list of hardware kits look in the front of the 2016 catalog or follow this link to hardware kits page. 

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