At SEA-LECT Designs, we're proud to support the following orginizations:


Washington Water Trails Association (WWTA)

WWTA is a leader, partner, and resource for water trail planning & development across the state of Washington. WWTA facilitates volunteer involvement in water trail stewardship, and educates the public about relevant political issues and best practices for low impact recreation (Leave No Trace). WWTA represents the state's non-motorized boating population in the political & recreational planning realm, and remains an authority in terms of physical and informational access to Washington's waterways.


NFCTNorthern Forest Canoe Trails (NFCT)

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is the longest inland kayak and canoe trail in the northeastern United States. The NFCT represents a series of interconnected destinations, extending through a diversity of waterways, landscapes, and communities. The NFCT organization champions and provides recreational access, highlights heritage assets, engages communities with their backyard waterways and is managed and maintained by community-based stewardship partners.


FPTAFlorida Paddling Trails Association (FPTA)

The Florida Paddling Trails Association was formed in October 2007 under the guidance of the Department of Environmental Protection and Office of Greenways & Trails to be the steward for all Florida's water trails, including the Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. The FPTA is a state-wide, community of paddlers, clubs, outfitters and other water trail supporters with a mission to develop water trails, protect the environment and to be a resource and voice for paddlers.

We're also glad to be members of the following trade groups:


Outdoor Industry Association (OIA)

Founded in 1989, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is the premier trade association for companies in the active outdoor recreation business. OIA provides trade services for over 4000 manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, sales representatives and retailers in the outdoor industry, and seeks to ensure a healthy and diverse specialty retail and supply chain based on quality, innovation and service.


American Outdoors Association (AOA)

The American Outdoors Association is the international trade association for the world's finest adventure travel outfitters, tour companies and outdoor educators and their suppliers. Their strategic goals are to improve members' profitability, ensure a fair and reasonable regulatory environment and enhance members' ease of doing business.